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 Navy tests new waters with N-subs, indigenous carrier

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PostSubject: Navy tests new waters with N-subs, indigenous carrier   Sun Jan 03, 2010 2:50 am

Unlike the Army and Air Force, the Navy has its modernisation plans on track and the coming year will see a massive addition in capabilities of the country’s smallest armed force. On all fronts — underwater, on the surface, in the Air and even outer space — the Navy is set to acquire and add new platforms and assets that will widen its edge over maritime forces of neighbouring countries.
While the Navy has reached blue water capabilities, the absence of a few vital assets has constrained it from showcasing its true potential. The biggest asset the Navy is set to get in 2010 is the Nerpa nuclear attack submarine on a 10-year lease from Russia.
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Navy tests new waters with N-subs, indigenous carrier
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